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Enric Farrés: Fiction Object

Farrés comes from plastic arts and he confesses he finds himself very far from his comfort zone with this kind of work. As he sees it, performing arts is a new language that naturally allows him to venture into a terrain that visual arts has already studied, but with the possibility of starting his own personal trajectory. With Fiction object, he intends to unmask the potential personality that hides behind the museographic displays – what allows the work to be appreciated -, assimilating them into human categories with a great sense of humour.

IF: What is your proposal founded upon?

Enric Farrés: The work with the concepts of objects theatre and their application to visual arts. The origin of the idea are the museographic supports Lina Bo Bardi draw in 1968. These pieces were originally used to support photographs or pictorial images and they were themselves art objects. Not only the displays show pictorial works, but they also organise and create a story. Besides that, regarding Bo Bardi’s supports, they transform the pictures in a 3D object and one can see their back, what converts the image into an object.

IF: How do you devise your dispositive?

Enric Farrés: What I am going to do is to not represent the objects, but use them instead. I had already worked similarly on The papers of the century, in which I made a compilation of papers found in books. The idea was to present a real object as an artistic one, and not to make a representation of it. Finally what I did was to insert all that amount of paper in the paper mixer and turn them into paperweight.

IF: From a more concrete point of view, which objects will you present?

Enric Farrés: Well, when I talk about displays I mean a a showcase, a frame, a key hook, a pin… These are usually invisible objects, but I believe they have much to say. In fact, I will let them have a narrative, but I still don’t know how those will be. In the meantime, I am writing a series of gags like short dialogues between those displays. In this sense, it will be fiction. The idea is to find the dimension of a character for each one of them. And besides that, I want each scene to always have a humorous tone. This will be the minimum unity that will build all the narrative plot.

In this video, he goes further in explaining his project and also some jokes.