The Puppet larder

Puppet museums can be found all over the world. Their aim is to explain and exhibit a heritage that runs through the centuries up to the present day. In the Iberian Peninsular there exist various museums. The best known are TOPIC, in the town of Tolosa in the Basque Country, the Museu da Marioneta in Lisboa, d’Albaida in Valencia, the Museo del Títere de Cádiz, the Museu da Companhia Marionetas do Porto, and the Museo-Taller de Títeres in Pola de Siero, in Asturias.

But beyond this, the world of puppets extends through a whole map of theatres, companies, programmes, objects, props, posters, images, and all kinds of elements which comprise a rich, colourful and complex universe. A universe which in Catalonia enjoys an extraordinary vitality. The layout of this Puppet Larder aims to offer a visual journey through eight different sections which, we hope, will give a vision that is multiple and concise, local and global, concerning everything to do with the world of marionettes and Figures of Doubleness.