Hells and demons

3rd DOOR

The descent into hell is an obligatory stage of any initiation. Human imagination is rich in demons and diabolical beings.

The Devil is one of the most faithful alter egos of traditional puppetry. In the Catalan tradition it is impossible to imagine a puppet show without “the horned one” alongside the hero.

But we find demons in all puppet cultures of the world. They represent diabolical spirits who emerge from Hell, from under the waters or out of the woods; in the Orient they are inscribed in the mythological systems of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, or in the infinite Taoist stories of China. Today, the world is full of demons dressed in jacket and tie, or in the form of armoured tanks, or aeroplanes that spit fire, drones that spy and threaten and monsters that are still more twisted and complex…