The other

7th DOOR

This journey could not end except with the discovery of our own otherness. The seven doors which have led us into the seven spaces in this first part of the exhibition are the seven indispensable stages to arrive at the discovery of what we seek: the double, our hidden face, duality, the observer of one’s own ‘I’, the puppet – imaginary replica of our own identity. We therefore offer some small, simple exercises which will allow us to observe ourselves as if with outside eyes; eyes at the same time familiar, being our own. We will see ourselves, too, as different from how we think of ourselves.

The practice of puppetry, both for the practitioner and for those who watch it, constitutes a healthy and liberating learning experience, allowing one to understand and experience complex problems of otherness. It allows us to dream, to come out of ourselves and to experience other worlds and identities. Today, to be conscious of this opens unexpected zones in the adventure – ever more intriguing and necessary – of critical and responsible self knowledge, as individuals and as a species.


Masks are a halfway state between puppets and actors. They create a double identity by hiding and, at the same time, transforming the face, which frees the body.

Our culture has a rite for this healthy dissolution of identity: Carnival. In the Iberian Peninsula living vestiges of these festivities remain, with extraordinary richness in the characterisation of the masks.

Because it embodies the hidden personality of the ventriloquist, the ventriloquist’s doll has always exercised a disturbing fascination. The cinema has shown these dolls going so far as to surprise their own masters, disconcerted to see their alter ego contradict them.

Robots are another alter ego which we will have to learn to live with, soon enough. As yet they are slow, but if we bear in mind that for every movement they make they need millions of calculations which we, on the other hand, carry out in less than a second, one has to say that really they are very fast. In the long term, they will interact with us with an intelligent life of their own.