The 7 doors of otherness

Prepare yourself to enter a different world! Prepare yourself to be led on a journey of otherness, through seven doorways. Each one shows how we humans have ‘doubled out’ and projected aspects of ourselves on shadows, figures and objects. An impulse we have carried within us from the earliest periods of human consciousness, when we painted eland, deer, mammoth and bison on rock or cave walls, and animated them by the light of flames; when we entered states of trance, were possessed by masks, or created puppets or other figures of power to represent the invisible world.

These urges did not disappear with the coming of modernity; quite the contrary, they have increased. Never as now have we humans duplicated ourselves to such an extent. We only have to look at the widespread use of digital photography and the multiplication of images on the Internet. Undoubtedly, the expansion of 3-D printing will trigger, even further, the desire to reproduce ourselves, besides forms and objects. And, very soon, advances in robotics and artificial intelligence will give duplication the status of a, disturbing and inescapable, daily reality.

What is certain is that the adventure of ‘being other’ has only just begun. Prepare yourselves for a journey that will take you through the Seven Doors of Figures of Doubleness. Bon voyage!