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Xesca Salvà: Houses to listen to and inhabit

What at the beginning should have been real size intimate reality scenes has become play spaces in scale. Xesca Salvà’s installation at IF Barcelona 2016 displayed set models that turned into the final performing space, devices for an objects theatre on memory and everyday life. The poetic universe he builds reconnects images, music and reading. During his stay at the Arts Santa Monica, it will be possible to see one of the three box-houses from his project Houses to listen to and inhabit, with which Salvà develops the rhythmic and theatrical dimension of his work as construction areas. With the use of headphones, the audience (two spectators for each model) goes into one of the symbolic houses and, following a set of instructions and a sound composition created ad hoc, they operate and experience the work at the same time.

IF: Does the spectator enter a different dimension of reality?

Xesca Salvà: There are two spectators for each model. The spectator goes into a definite intimate universe especially though the sound. The idea that the sound would create the play space was a challenge for me. Because when you study scenography, you are taught that space is built from physical matter and to imagine the project from an immaterial element was an absolute novelty.

IF: How did it occur to you?

Xesca Salvà: In my case, I started to think about the sound thanks to the cinema. But I had to learn to build it in an heterodox manner, working from the space of the sound. The implementation of this sound scenario is closely linked to privacy, because the sound leads one to universes that are entirely personal. And that is related to the fact that the models are houses: the house is the intimate space par excellence and because they are models in scale, it also refers to girls’ games and, therefore, to an even more intimate recreation of the personal reality.

IF: How is this sound space?

Xesca Salvà: Each spectator will have headphones through which they will listen to pre-recorded sounds arranged over several layers. They are ambient and people sounds, which can be urban or not. They create a first level of fiction despite being authentic. Each sound layer is a reality that overlaps the previous ones, and above all of them there is a story and instructions that make the action run. What makes each viewer become aware of the person who sits in front of him.

In the video, you can see the full interview. However, Salvà does not mention which objects are to be found in the house, he only explains their nature: “The models are not copies of real houses and, as for the objects, they may be real, but they have a symbolic value.”